Check Your Wikipedia Profile Eligibility

Curious if you qualify for a dedicated Wikipedia page? Take our insightful quiz designed to gauge your eligibility. From notable contributions to your field and significant online presence to understanding Wikipedia's guidelines, this quiz delves into the key factors that determine if you're ready to make your mark on the digital stage.

Have you or your organization made significant and noteworthy contributions to your field or industry?

Do you or your organization have a substantial online presence with reliable sources referring to your achievements?

Have you or your organization received notable awards, recognitions, or media coverage for your contributions?

Is the information you want to include on the Wikipedia page supported by verifiable and independent sources?

Do you have a clear and neutral point of view in presenting information about yourself or your organization?

Have you ever attempted to create a Wikipedia page for yourself or your organization?

Are you aware of Wikipedia's notability guidelines and content policies?


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